Cathy Springs

Financial Aid
Student Services Assistant
AFT Classified Vice President, Political Action


Inspired by: all aesthetic pursuits surrounding good literature and music, Craftsman architecture, nineteenth and early 20th century paintings, gardens - especially Japanese, writings on the nature of the meaning of life, antiques, trees of any kind and the moon in all its phases.

Heroes include first and foremost my husband and most excellent companion in life Aaron St. John; the wisdom and humility of Gandhi, the aesthetics of William Morris, the quiet philosophical nature of Viggo Mortensen, the talent and tenacity of the Bronte sisters, and the courage and wisdom of my daughter Melanie.

I have shown a modicum of talent as a costumer for professional ballet, a milliner of historically accurate designs, a published illustrator, a painter, an organic gardener and a builder of stone pillars. I tend to be good at seeing the big picture and organization.

I have a BA in Fine Arts and a Master's in Humanities and I consider myself an eternal student.